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Are you a new mum, dad or carer wanting to make new friends and get out and about with your baby? Then why not come along to a local NCT postnatal group. The postnatal groups are informal and a great way of sharing experiences.

You donít even need to be a member of NCT to come along. We just ask that you make a small donation per visit.

For details of your nearest postnatal group please see below.

To find out more about the groups please email the postnatal group leaders by clicking on the group name.


The Alwoodley group currently has mums with newborns to pre-schoolers, (bumps are also welcome). We meet twice a week on Tuesday 2pmĖ4pm and Thursdays 10am-12pm for coffee and would welcome any new members.

The Burley group meets on Monday mornings at 10am in the Burley/Headingley area.  Some of the mums have moved from Burley since joining but still host the group from time to time.  It is a small, friendly group with a full pre-school age range of children from 4 year olds to a 3 month old and 2 and 3 year olds in between.  We are looking forward to meeting and welcoming some new mums soon.

Chapel Allerton
The Chapel Allerton group meets at Chapel Allerton Children's Centre, Blake Grove, Chapel Allerton LS7 3NB on a Tuesday morning. It's an informal group with around 15 mums on the 'list'.

"Personally I have found the group great for getting to know people that live close by, the other groups and activities I go to cover a larger geographical area but everyone in this group is pretty much within walking distance, so it makes a nice change to be able to walk to the coffee mornings rather than having to get in the car.  Hopefully this may also mean we may keep in touch even when we go back to work and also bump into each other on Chapel A!" Rachel.

"Its a great way to get out and meet new mums and babies and swap stories and advice" Abi

"The group is fantastic, really good to see other mums with babies of different ages. A good chance for my only baby to socialise with other babies and for me to realise I am not neurotic and other mums share the same worries. It is very well run and organised, thanks Ange you're doing a great job!" Karen

"I started coming to the coffee mornings when my little one was 8 weeks old and the youngest in the group. It has been a life saver in those days when i just needed to be out of the house in order to feel less alone and more 'normal'! Now my little one is 8 months old and is one of the oldest in the group and we both still enjoy meeting up regularly with everyone.  The coffee mornings are a great way to meeting other local mums and is fantastic for supporting you in those early difficult months.  I have made some good friends through the coffee mornings and have even started to socialise again with their help!" Nita




Here's a photo of the Chapel Allerton Group enjoying a coffee morning


Chapel Allerton Next Steps

NCT Next Steps group meets every Wednesday from 10.30am - 12.30pm.  The group is for older babies from when they start being mobile please.  The group meets at the Chapel Allerton Children's Centre, Blake Grove, Chapel Allerton LS7 3NB


Cross Gates

The Cross Gates group currently has 21 people on the email distribution list although, thankfully, the most we have ever had at one time has been around 14! We've started holding an extra Friday morning meeting once a month to cater for those mums who work on Wednesdays. We also have social nights out on a six-weekly basis.

"I moved to the area after seven years away and did not feel I knew, or connected with anyone. I emailed the group and was sent a list of dates and addresses of meetings. I arrived at my first meeting a little shy, and did not know how I would be received. I needn't have worried everyone was very welcoming and friendly, and I particularly enjoy the thriving night life of the group! Recently I have been involved in training to be a Breast feeding buddy, and this has given me a renewed confidence to approach the workplace again, and I also feel I am going to contribute to something very worthwhile. This is all thanks to the crossgates nct, and their commitment to the NCT."

"I started going to the Crossgates group just after it first started up and have found it to be very friendly and welcoming. They have regular trips out to play centres, parks etc and also regular nights out too.  The group was a real support to me when my now toddler was a baby and I was in need of advice and reassurance. I've also made some good friends."  Mandy


A new group has started in Horsforth. Meetings are on Wednesdays from 9.30am 'til 11am or thereabouts. Please contact Fran by clicking on the Horsforth link.

The South Leeds group has been running for just over a year now. The date of our meetings has just changed to the 1st Wednesday of every month and we also have a new venue, being back where we started at Seven Hills Primary School, though we are now in the Community Room. There are around 10 mums who come along with children ranging from newborn, to a few around 6 months to a year and a couple of toddlers. It's a really friendly and informal group, so if you'd like to come along and join us for a coffee and chat please contact Jayne on 07866 618455. You do not have to be a
member of the NCT, we welcome everyone and we are always happy to see new faces. I hope you can join us soon."

For details of the new Morley Breastfeeding Support Group please see the poster.

"As a first time mum, I was nervous about leaving the house with my new baby but this group is a relaxed and friendly group with babies of many different ages. It's good to get together and have a good chat, sharing concerns and tips in a warm and open atmosphere." Anna

"The NCT meeting is a chance to sit down for a cup of tea and a chat. It's a great place to meet other Mum's and to find out what else is going on locally. "Jenny

"I've found it a really nice informal way to meet other Mums and spend some time with grown ups with a common interest in babies! It's also been good for talking about things that my baby's doing that are new or I don't understand and hearing how other people are dealing with sleeping etc. " Helen

"After moving into a new area 2 years ago, and working full time since, the NCT coffee mornings have enabled me to meet other people and to find out about the support and leisure services in my area. As a result of these mornings my baby and I are now enrolled on a baby massage class, have a baby yoga class to look forward to and are in the process of signing up for baby swimming classes!" Deborah

The Oakwood group currently has 12 mums with children from newborn to school age! We meet every Thursday morning, usually from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. We also get together socially in the evening 2 to 3 times a month.

"An invaluable source of friendship, support and knowledge of the local area (the latter being very useful if you need a good plumber!) " Anne

We meet every Monday between 10.30 and 12.00 at each otherís houses for coffee and chat. Due to a sudden growth in numbers (approx 20 mums) we have split into two groups depending on age of babies. The age range varies from 6 weeks to 4 years so we can support each other on many different issues. We also socialise regularly, sometimes at the cinema, theatre or bowling, but most often at the pub! New people are always welcome. You donít have to be a member of the NCT to come.

"Everyone at the NCT postnatal group has made me feel very welcome. It's great to meet up with mums with children of different ages and get tips on what to expect in the next few months/years! It's also a great reason to get out of the house, epecially in the difficult first few months!"  Kathryn Finn

"Anna was 5 weeks old when I contacted the Pudsey NCT post-natal group.
She is now 13 months old and our group has been a life-line for me, Anna, my husband and my sanity. We meet every week and take it in turns to go to each others' houses. This was fabulous whilst they were all babes in arms but now they are all on the move and the chaos is great fun!!! The support within the group has been brilliant. We have mums who have children a year or two older than Anna, Mums whose babies are the same age give or take a month and some new mums who are making us go broody with their new babes. Between us there is a wealth of knowledge and experience which has helped us to get throught those sleepless nights, breast-feeding, bottle-feeding, teething, weaning, vaccinations, returning to work, childcare, social groups and all those things still to come...
potty training for one.
The best thing to come out of our post-natal group has been the friendships that we have made and for us that has been fantastic. We have no family locally and so for me personally, thank-you to all our friends we have made over the last year. Anna and I look forward to many more Monday gatherings."  Ruth

"For the first 8 weeks after Frederick's birth, I felt most comfortable at home and didn't miss anything. At first, my partner was still on paternity leave and we really enjoyed this intense family time. Then my Mom came to stay with us, and it was nice to have someone around. Only when they all went, back home or back to work, I realized that the only "real" conversation I had during the day was with the check-out girl in Sainsbury's or the quick phone chat with my friend in London, which had to be well timed between feeds and Freddie's sleep. I then decided to find out about my local NCT-postnatal group. Before the first meeting, I felt a little apprehensive, but I received a very warm welcome. It is such a diverse, bubbly group, and everyone is easy to chat to. Obviously we talk a lot about our children, and I find it helpful to hear the stories, tips and topics of the older toddlers and how their mummy's cope with teething, fevers, sleep deprivation, nurseries etc.  So, for me it's brilliant to have other mothers in the same situation to talk with, and to get to know new people. I also think it's great to meet with so many other children: Frederick is always fascinated by the noise level, by their abilities and attention and I think it is good for him to observe and be around other kids. And in a few months, he will be able to try out different toys and enjoy playing with the other children. It's nice to meet in each others' houses: it just makes me realize that there are children living in all areas of Pudsey, and it helps to discover new streets, playgrounds or footpaths on my walk with the pram. The weekly meetings help me to structure my week, and after each meeting, I already look forward to the following. And Frederick's nap on Monday afternoons is always longer than on the other days. :):)"

The Roundhay/ Gledhow postnatal group is a well-established group of mums with tiny babies to pre-school kids (bumps also welcome!). We meet for coffee three times a week on Mondays and Wednesdays 10am-12noon and Fridays 1.30-3pm.  The Friday group is more toddler friendly but everyone is welcome to attend any or all the groups depending on what suits you.   There are also regular socials, some are just for mums while others are for the whole family. 

Weetwood and Far Headingley
We meet every Friday morning at each otherís houses from 10:00am - 12:00noon for a coffee and a chat with other parents/carers while our children play. We welcome pregnant women and their partners, babies and children up to school age. Our current group covers people from Kirkstall, Meanwood, Adel, Headingley and Weetwood. Additionally, we run social outings every now and then

If you live in Menston or Guiseley please contact Eleanor at the Wharfedale branch.


If there isn't a postnatal group in your area and you would like to set one up please ring Monica on 0870 421 4548 or email her at


In addition there are a number of baby cafes/ breastfeeding groups across Leeds. Please click here for more details.


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